They walk in on their daughters having sex (Drew)


“Dad, do you have a minute?” Bella walked into the kitchen and sat down in front of me. “Yeah sure sweetheart” I could see on her face that she was a bit nervous and she took a deep breath before she talked:“I know that we have promised each other to not have any secrets between us so…I just wanted to say that if everything goes right tonight, Kevin and I are going to have sex for the first time” at first I didn’t really know what to say and she kept looking at me nervously. “Well…okay…sex is natural… so I guess that’s okay” her face lit up a little. “Great but don’t you dare disturb us, promise me that” she looked at me seriously and I smiled at her. “I promise. Just don’t forget to use protection, you can find condoms in the cupboard in the bathroom” she rolled her eyes as I spoke but she is smart and I knew that she wouldn’t forget it. “Okay, I have to meet up with Wes and Keats now but I’ll be home later, have fun!” I winked at her and left the house.

When I came home I immediately walked up to my daughter’s room and listened carefully, oh yes they were totally doing it right now. I smiled to myself, thinking how fast time flies, it felt like it was just yesterday I held my baby girl in my arms for the first time and now she’s all grown up. I walked to the bathroom to take a shower and I discovered something terrible; the condoms were still in the cupboard! Oh gosh, I’m going to be a grandfather! I ran up to her room and opened the door. “I told you that you have to use condoms! Or do you want to be a mother now, at the age of 16? Do you want to ruin your life?” I stared at them in panic and I prayed that she wouldn’t get pregnant, please not when she’s so young “Dad we ARE using protection, Kevin brought his own with him” Bella said and I could see that she was trying to control her anger. Oh shit! “Ehm…okay….well I think I’ll leave you two alone then” I started to walk out the door when I heard a voice behind me: “Bella, I think I should go now…I’ll see you…later” without saying a word to me, Kevin left the room and walked out the house. I turned to look at my daughter and I could see how close she was to start screaming at me. “Sweetheart I’m really sorry, I found the condoms in the bathroom and I thought you weren’t using any protection and-“ “OH SO YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA TO JUST WALK INTO MY ROOM WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING FIRST?” she was screaming at me now. “No I was just scared tha-“ “DO YOU KNOW HOW HUMILIATING THAT WAS? HE WILL NEVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN!” she glared at me and I could see the tears in her eyes. “He’s never going to call me again” I walked up to her and held her in my arms. “Of course he wants to see you again, he loves you. And I’m really sorry for what I did; I promise I’ll make it up to you someday” she sighed and calmed down “It’s okay dad, I’ll have my revenge on you one day” I could see a little smile on her lips and I hugged her, thinking about what she might do to me and I bet it wasn’t going to be pretty. 

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